There’s nothing as frustrating as taking a photo and checking your camera only to find that the image is blurred. Common causes are shaky hands, or the subject of the photo moving as you take the shot. Blurry photos happen to the best of us, especially when shooting action scenes like sports, or shooting outdoors. It doesn’t help that this unlucky phenomenon always seems to happen to what would have been the best photographs!

Luckily for photographers everywhere, there’s a fix. With just a few minutes in Photoshop you’ve got a good chance of getting rid of blurry pictures and returning your photos to their rightful glory. Reader be warned: this trick won’t work for drastically shaken photos, so it’s best to try it on shots that are only mildly blurred.

If your photo looks like this, this method might not work for you!

The camera shake feature works best when you have a still, well-lit photograph that has a very low level of noise. This includes outdoor images that have been captured with a long focal lens, or indoor scenes that have been taken with a very low shutter speed.

Reducing Camera Shake

Upload your photos to Photoshop. When you’ve opened the filter, navigate to ‘sharpen’, and then to ‘shake reduction’. Photoshop will then digitally scan the photograph and find the parts of the image that are best suited to shake reduction. It will also determine the nature of the blur whilst implementing the appropriate corrections.

Blur Tracing

Blur tracing allows you to delineate the shape and the size of the blur and how it affects a specific region of your photo. It’s possible to have multiple regions with differently shaped or sized blurs.

You can access the blur tracing feature by using the same process as above (Camera Shake); in fact it’s included in the Camera Shake feature. If you’d like to develop this to a more advanced level then navigate under the Advanced panel and then to the Shake Reduction dialog. You can then locate and click on the blur trace you’d like to fix, as well as zoom in on it to remedy the blur.


Modifying a Blur Trace

Photoshop provides you with a whole host of ways in which you can modify the blur trace on your images. In order to create and modify a blur trace, look closely at the image and locate the areas that have a high edge contrast. You can then resize the boundaries; this also gives you the chance to shift the focus to other regions as well. To do this, drag the pin in the middle to the area you want to focus on.

Suggested Blur Trace

If you’d like to take things further, Photoshop will even suggest blur traces on your image for you. To use this feature, click on the Add Suggested Blur Trace: you can find this under the advanced panel. Photoshop will then highlight a new region that is suitable, and you can take it from there.

We hope this article has helped you to fix your own blurry images. Don’t forget to share with anyone else you think would benefit from these tips!