Vintage website design has taken a step into the limelight in recent years. No longer a niche, there’s now a huge range of websites that have used vintage trends to transform their brand. A few of our favourites include Sony, Harley Davidson, Nike, Chanel, Toyota and Formula One: all big-name brands who have turned vintage design to their advantage.

With all of these prominent companies utilising vintage design in their online presence, first we’d like to answer the important question: what is vintage website design? It is a thoughtful, intentional approach to the breadth and visual style of a website. The colours, fonts, and navigational features take inspiration or elements from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

The first sign of a vintage website is period-piece photographs, with hand-painted posters, ads from a previous era and even vintage print effects. Also common are half-tone patterns, film grains, and period typography. When used together, these stylistic tools work to bring the textures of the site to life. Not to mention the crazy vintage logo design these websites usually have.


With vintage sites becoming more and more ubiquitous, it’s hard to deny that this movement is changing the way that leading brands are thinking about website design. The success of this modern trend suggests that the nostalgia of the golden eras of the 60s, 70s and 80s illicits a positive response in web users and is a great choice when considering options for a website re-brand.

A little history: the vintage design trend began in earnest in 2013 and was initially seen by many as a ‘one hit wonder’. It was, to begin with, controversial: a lot of designers were uncertain about the longevity of this new style, so didn’t pick up on how popular vintage was becoming. A few years on, vintage is here to stay, and can now be seen in storefronts, print design and a whole host of other areas of visual marketing.

To give you some ideas, here’s our pick of the best vintage design ideas around…


First up we have a smooth clothing store named Beyond Retro. This brand comes straight to mind as an e-commerce store, mainly because I buy their products and occasionally take a look at their blog. I think their site is great; clean and simple with lots of fantastic imaging showcasing their clothes. Their logo is clear, punchy and instantly recognisable.


Next up is Sweez, a cafe in Southern Brazil. These guys regularly update their website with new branding: their consistency in sticking with the vintage theme while incorporating modern features makes for a really impactful and charming website. You’ll see a mixture of vintage design, with modern sliders and graphics. 


Lastly, we have Cyclemon. You probably recognise this one as the website we used for the thumbnail: perhaps it’s what drew you to this blog post! We love this site because it represents a truly cool, edgy and creative vintage style, and really stands out as a brand to keep your eye on. Take some time to browse the site and you’ll see exactly what we mean; it’s full of bright colours, engaging visuals and, most importantly, keeps the product front and centre.

The great thing about vintage is that it appeals emotionally to almost everyone: it’s a great way to engage users with your brand, driving interest and making sure they return to your site again and again. Here at Kalla Design we like to keep our finger on the pulse, and we’re confident the vintage movement is just one of many essential website design trends making waves at the moment. Keep following us for more tips on making sure your website stands out from the crowd!